For over 40 years we have been providing handcrafted high quality reeds for professionals, teachers, amateur musicians and students.

Given our custom approach orders typically take a few weeks to be processed plus shipping time.

If you have time frame restrictions, while we do advise ordering in advance, please email us at dunkelreeds@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate special requests. Please note that a rush and/or expedited fee may apply.

We're also now accepting automatic monthly orders!  Email us your order and you will receive your invoice on the 1st of every month with reeds to follow.

In order to ship reeds more efficiently and safely, standard shipping will be used because reeds will take 2-3 days to arrive after shipping; overnight is still available by contacting me through email!

**We have been, and will continue to sanitize reeds as they are mailed. If you would like to additionally sanitize at home, do so by dipping the reed in isopropyl alcohol (70% at least will do), and rinse with fresh clean water!**

Our Story

Dunkel Reeds is a distinguished supplier of reeds for musical instruments. For over 40 years, Stuart Dunkel and Dr. Amy Gollins have been serving their customers -large and small- with the highest quality products at competitive prices. We strive to keep our customer satisfied. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.

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