“Everyone out there please know Dunkel Reeds are absolutely incredible to play on. Amy is a wonderful oboe player who clearly knows what she’s doing to suit all your needs.” - Tom Boyd www.tomboydmusic.com

"Amy’s reeds are the best! They arrive perfectly crafted and ready to play. I have been using them for years and the quality has always been consistent. Her medium hard reeds empower me to produce the rich dark oboe sound that I love.   The Dunkel web site works well and provides helpful delivery status updates.  Highly recommended!" - Barbara

“Thank you so much for your attention to detail with each of your customers. My medium soft reeds are exactly the strength and balance that I need. I don’t know how you figure that out, but thank you! I no longer have a teacher and I am able to continue to play in my Woodwind quintet because you supply me with playable reeds.” - Wendy

“It is as if you made it specifically for my embouchure. Perfect. ❤️“ - Janice

”No other reed sounds like yours!” - Roberto

“We received our order today, and my daughter is so thrilled with the quality and sound of her new reeds! Thank you so much for your care and communications. —Jenna”