Reed Care & Use Instructions

Reed Instructions: Soak your reed in warm water for 3 minutes, insert a plaque and gently squeeze the reed shut for 10 seconds. This helps to unbind the sides of the reed, sets the overlap so the reed is not flat, and closes the opening to how I finished it. If the reed is flat, insert your plaque and displace the blades more, top blade to the right, or cut the tip slightly. If it is sharp, lightly scrape the channels of the heart.

Please play on the reed for 15 minutes before adjusting. If the reed is too stiff, lightly scrape evenly over the whole heart, working left to right, through the integration area. Play the reed with the pencil mark down which is the shorter length tip. If there is a small crack by the thread I make sure it doesn’t leak as it represents a harder piece of cane which produces a better tone and lasts longer.

Thanks and please let me know if I can improve your order. My reeds are between 69-70mm long.